I see digital as the linchpin of the modern brand, but just having a website or app isn’t enough. It has to be inline with your entire business strategy, goals, and vision. That’s where I come in. I’ll take your vision and together we’ll work through what we need to build to achieve your goals. Check out my process to see how it works.



I strive to be the best at what I do which is why I focus on two things.

UI/UX + Web Design

(this includes:)
Web Design & Development
User Interfaces Design
Web App Design
Mobile App Design



One guy and a bunch of really talented friends

Hooey itself only consists of one person, me (Cole Hooey), but for each project I put together a bespoke team that is perfectly suited to the specific needs of the project.

Why this approach?

It’s quick & nimble

We’ve all been in there. You have a great idea but it needs to be done yesterday. Large teams often get bogged down by their size. Putting together a small, specialized team allows us to work quickly so you can see results right away.

It’s lean & specialized

Knowledge is invaluable, but paying for knowledge you don’t need just isn’t efficient. Since we’re putting together a team for your project specifically, there are no unnecessary costs.

Let's talk about a project