Before I engage in a project with you, we first chat about your goals, problems, and vision for your organization. We also discuss the nitty gritty stuff: timeline, scope, price. This is where we assess if a partnership between us will be a good fit.



Once we have determined that I can help reach your goals, we begin the project with a discovery meeting. Here we go in depth into the challenges you are facing and start fleshing out a plan to attack them. We clearly document what success looks like and by what means we will achieve it.


Project Strategy

We take the information we have learned from our conversations, research the goals, and put together a plan. Sometimes this is a short written summary, sometimes it is rough wireframes, and sometimes it is something more elaborate. I try to find something appropriate for your project.



This is where the rubber meets the road. With the Project Strategy as our road map, we put pen to paper, so to speak, and start designing your project. We go through several rounds of design, review, and revise before we finalize the design.



When the design is finalized, I work with my developers (or yours) to build what we’ve designed. Development is sometimes considered a bland process, void of creativity, but I know this to be far from true. This is where everything comes to life and a good developer knows the way something is built is as important as how it is designed.


Assess & Revise

Leonardo da Vinci said “Art is never finished, only abandoned” and the same could be said for your project. I will work with you to review what we have built together, test it, make improvements, and extend it.

Let's talk about a project