Eide Bailly is a top 25 CPA firm. Their Technology Consulting division works with their clients to understand their business, pin point their pain points, and implement solutions to help them break through road blocks and succeed. I partnered with Eide Bailly to design a website that communicated their expertise and experience with potential clients as well as provide resources for current clients.

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A brand built on history, experience, and looking to the future

With nearly 100 years in business and 35 years in the technology industry, Eide Bailly delivers a unique set of expertise. Their focus on the future with respect for their history puts them in unique position to bring modern technology to mature companies as well as sage advice to young companies. This factor played a large part in the messaging and aesthetic of the site. It was important that Eide Bailly’s clients were confident that they understood the ins and outs of their business before engaging with them.

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A launch pad for a wealth of knowledge and expertise

We wanted every pixel of the site to say “we understand where you’re coming from and we are going to help you get where you are going.”. The Insights, Blog, and Training Events give Eide Bailly’s current and future clients a variety of ways to learn from Eide Bailly’s experience and, through that, build trust and rapport with them to further their reach.

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