Role: Lead Product Designer

Floor plans are a valuable asset on real estate listings. They allow home buyers to understand the flow of a home in a way photos don’t allow without having to walk through the home in person. This saves everyone involved the wasted time of touring a home that wasn’t destined to be a fit.


Previous means of creating floor plans were expensive and only feasible for high dollar homes and not an option for the majority of average homes. Our goal was to create an app that allows anyone with a smartphone to create a floor plan in a matter of minutes for a price any realtor could justify.

People of many backgrounds, capabilities, and ages are realtors so we needed to ensure no one felt unsure or lost using our tool, so it had to be incredibly easy to use. In addition to creating the floor plan, we also wanted to make it very simple to add the plans to listings without having to save and upload files. Our vision is to see a floor plan on every listing and to have it become an assumed piece of data, much like photos are today.


The app our team built (with me at the helm of the design) allows realtors to easily create an account with their MLS credentials, scan a property in 5 minutes, and have a finished floor plan within a business day, and have it on their listing in moments. The app uses machine learning technology developed by CubiCasa to process video and AR data from the scan. Additionally, realtors can invite home owners and assistants to collaborate with them in the tool.


Because they authenticate their account with their MLS credentials, we have awareness of what listings they have created and can recommend a listing to add the floor plan to, or they can find a listing manually if we don’t have enough information to identify one. The floor plan is available on their listing immediately.



We just launched with our first cohort of customers and are seeing strong usage already, with a line of customers queued up to be let in to the app and more customers getting in line.

This tweet from one of our early access customers tells me we’re on the right rack and has me excited to see what’s next.