Kin is a photo sharing app that allows parents to share their photos with their closest family and friends. It is a side project I created to grow my skills in product development and market validation.


  1. Develop initial idea and hypothesis – parents want a private space to share photos
  2. Survey potential users to understand how they share currently share photos and identify gaps and areas of improvement
  3. Explore solutions currently in the market place
  4. Design key userflows
  5. Create a landing page to drive traffic to further validate user interest
  6. Evaluate if the idea is worth further pursuit


Users certainly felt the pain in sharing photos with family and friends confirming the need. A few were using competitive solutions I had discovered in my research. The landing page results however showed that a broader user group didn’t have a large interest in the app. Based on this feedback I have chosen not to pursue the project further.


It was a great experience to develop and test an idea. I learned a lot about the process going through this and look forward to applying those learnings to other projects in the future.