Role: Led Discovery, UI/UX Design

Merrill Connect is an enterprise product suite that allows companies to coordinate large print jobs with unique content for each recipient.


There was a large number of cooks in the kitchen and various software tools that needed to work together seamlessly, so I worked with them to map out every aspect of their process to understand how all of the complex pieces fit together. Our deliverable from this work was a document I called the Product Experience Journey. It tracked the various users, technology, and tasks involved along the journey, and also offered recommendations to improve the tools.

Merrill Product Experience Journey

Building the design system

Once I understood the landscape of the product suite, I developed a design system that offered a wide variety of components they could be used to build an entire suite of tools with. The emphasis was to ensure that each component was versatile and could handle an array of different uses. We also demonstrated how the system would be used in a series of key user flows.

Merrill Elements
Merrill Screens 1
Merrill Screens 2
Merrill Screens 3


Through this project, Merrill was able to better wrap their heads around the overall process and make workflow and technical refinements to their product suite. Our work on the user experience of their apps also created many efficiencies in the experience and reduced the time associated with individual tasks.