Built on midwest values, Yarn delivers powerful storytelling through beautiful, cinematic video. They do this to provide their clients with tools to better communicate their message so their customers might find a true connection to who they are.


The right tool for the write job

Yarn obviously loves to tell stories through video but they also love to publish written content in the form of articles and case studies. With their new site, they can create rich story experience by intermixing photography, video, and other content into their story in a creative, journalistic way. No more walls of text. We wanted their articles to read like a magazine instead of a novel.


Constant growth

Though Yarn is a small team, they are able to achieve big results for clients like Bobcat, Arizona State, Medtronics, Sanford, United Health Care, and Ball State. This kind of growth required a new site to showcase these successes and give clients an idea of what it is like to work with Yarn.

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